Maturitní otázka z angličtiny: DAILY PROGRAMME

24. července 2011 v 19:12 | Tracy |  Maturitní otázky z angličtiny
DAILY PROGRAMME (denní program)

On weekdays I get up early because I must go to school. I get up at half past six. Than I go to bathroom, wash my face and brush my teeth. After it I dress up and brush my hair. Than I have a breakfast. Usually I make myself cup of cocoa and I have some bread with jam or cake to eat. After 7 o'clock it's time to leave my home and I go to school by bus.
The school starts at eight. Lessons are forty-five minutes long and then there is 10 minutes break. Between the second and third lessons there is a twenty minutes break. This is time to have a snack.
The time table is different every day. Some days we have afternoon lessons. At noon students usually have a lunch in the canteen. The food is not very good but it is cheap and warm. Some students prefer to bring sandwiches from home, but it would not be enough for me. I like to have a hot lunch.
When school is over, I usually go home. I often go with my friends, we talk and laugh. After school I like to relax some time. I watch TV or I am on PC. Than I go out with my friends or stay at home and read a book.
When I was younger I used to do many activities like aerobic, painting and so on but this year I have only English lessons on Thursday.
Before our dinner I must feed my cat. We have a dinner in the evening usually at 6 o'clock. This is time when the whole family comes together. We talk about what happened this day.
After dinner I do my homework and prepare for school. Than I take a shower and go to bed.
So this is my daily routine during week.
On weekends my program is quite different. I can sleep as long as I want and I can go to bed late in the evening. I usually get up at 11 and than we have lunch. Sometimes I help my mum to prepare lunch. Than when the weather is nice I go out with friends or ride a horse. During the weekend I also help my mother with some housework like cleaning, vacuuming and backwashing.
Some people go clubbing or they have a party at night but I don't like it very much. I am rather at home and listen to music or watch a good movie.
On Sunday in the afternoon I prepare for school.

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